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I know, two posts in one month! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! But my weekend activities definitely merited another post. Because! This weekend! We made a gingerbread TARDIS. It is basically the greatest ever.


Right? Awesome. Merry Christmas, everyone! If that's what you're into.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] madmoisellestar!

In other news,

1. I'm way more tired than I have any right to be this morning,

2. the weather is nice enough today that we have the front door wide open, which only makes me want to be outside instead of stuck in here,

3. and I'm still depressed about Doctor Who. You know how when you're right in the thick of an obsession with a show or a 'ship and every song you hear is about that thing? Yeah, I've currently appropriated three or four Decemberists songs just for the Doctor and Rose. So. Yeah. I wish I'd watched this with everyone else now, if only so I'd have someone to be depressed with at the moment. :p

It's Wednesday, which means I have to work tonight, which sucks, but it also means I'll have Project Runway waiting for me when I get home, which doesn't suck. My mantra this week is just-make-it-to-Saturday. I just had a blissful day of sitting around in my pjs doing nothing, but I already feel like I need another break. I think maybe I just need a real change, a break in routine. I hate routine. I think really I should quit Barnes & Noble, I've been there way too long as it is. Although, I don't know if just changing second jobs is really going to help much at all.
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Doctor Who ramblings. Like, actually rambling. There's no coherence here at all. )

This show makes me miss being an English major. What I wouldn't give to hash that out in a room full of English-y kids. Also, I need a Doomsday Rose icon, like, five hours ago. I should get on that.


Other things. My weekend was mostly uneventful, except I went to see the Violent Femmes in Baltimore on Friday night, which was all kinds of awesome. They had a tuba soloist, which, totally cool. Also, they played Please Do Not Go, which I know was one of their more popular singles so of course they would, but it's my favorite, so suck it, Turk.

Today, it's rainy and cold outside, which is good because we need it and I'm sick of the humidity, but bad because it's rainy and cold outside. Ashley and I are going to visit Aster for a bit tonight, which should be fun and relaxing, and then I may come home and settle in with some of the Doctor Who Confidentials.

Next weekend was supposed to be my vacation, which kinda blows. I really want to get up to Boston before it gets too cold. Hopefully right in the middle of autumn, before the leaves all fall. Next weekend, however, is the Busch Gardens trip, and I'm really starting to look forward to it. I hope it's cool enough for sweatshirts by then. I miss my sweatshirts. And do you know how long it's been since I could just bum around somewhere in jeans and my chucks? Plus, there's the whole rollercoasters-hotel-with-friends-dinner-and-swimming thing, too. ;)

I have to pee.
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Just finished a two day marathon of the second season of Doctor Who. )


ETA2: Ow. )
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It's a slow day. I already took a long lunch and it's still only 3:30. So, to amuse myself, memes:

Yet another fandom-type meme )

Also, I was tagged by a new friend, [ profile] ellie79:

Meme in Sevens )

I bought a whole bunch of stuff yesterday. I have lots of things to talk about. There will probably be a meanderingly long post later tonight sometime. Just a forewarning. ;)


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