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Things that make me happy today:

1. RENT! )

2. Weekends where I don't have to work at all. )

3. Any variation of the name "JfDoh." Cracks me up every. single. time.

4. The West Wing: Institutional Memory )

5. Christina's post about this weekend. Or, well, actually, Ashley's demon spawn icon. Hee.

6. I'm officially going to be tutoring Spanish to a high school senior over the summer. I don't actually *speak* fluent Spanish, but I'm hoping this will be an opportunity for me to get a little closer to that particular goal of mine. But I think I'll do okay, especially since I'm only tutoring him on the early-level stuff. I know the grammar, I'm just awful at connecting stuff in my head. I think I've figured out what my roadblock is, though. Instead of just hearing the language, I translate everything in my head first, and then I'm always two sentences behind whatever's being said. I'm not sure how to fix that, but there you go.

7. Today has completely flown by. It's already after lunch. Woo.

8. I wore rainbow-striped underwear to Rent. I'm still amused, okay?

9. Animaniacs on DVD!

10. The fact that, even though there is an equally long list of things that don't make me happy today (which includes the rainy weather, having to work 15 hours today, getting chastised for not cleaning up after other people who never clean up after themselves, not being terribly excited for the VM finale, and my mom canceling our hair appointment/dinner date for tomorrow night), I'm not especially compelled to dwell on any of them. Woohoo, happy things.

How's everyone else on this somewhat bleak Monday?


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