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2009-08-27 10:31 am

Drive-by post!


Life is alternately hectic and boring. Things of import:

1. I AM GOING TO LONDON IN A LITTLE MORE THAN TWO WEEKS. It came together sort of quickly, although by now I've know about it for awhile. Basically, my job sucks and my life sucks and it is all very awful, except for when it isn't, like now. I think my boss feels extra guilty about the fact that I've worked here for four years and never called in sick and never taken more than three days off at a time and never actually gone on vacation and all that. He's been trying to send me on vacation for about a year and a half, and I successfully fended him off because, whatever, I don't like it when people do things for me. But when he offered to send me to London, I pretty much couldn't pass that up.

So! I'll be staying with [ profile] _titania_ from September 14-20. I have spent much of the last week trying to decide how best to fill up those six days. Thoughts? Suggestions? (EEEEEEEEEEEEE SO EXCITED!)

2. I've been intermittently training for the 3 Day walk. I really need to step it up a bit, because pretty much everyone I'll be with will be ridiculously disappointed in me if I don't do the entire 60 miles. I'm starting to get really geared up for it, though. Check out my website here!

3. Please to be checking out this post by [ profile] nightchik as soon as you humanly can. I think I could TRY to love that Serenity vid more, but I don't think it would be possible.

4. SUMMER IS NEARLY OVER YOU GUYS. My roommate has already started back to school with her little kiddies. We finished our runs of both Doctor Who and Farscape (I've never re-watched the entire series start-to-finish since the first time I saw it, was fun! Esp with someone who'd never seen it before!), and I am SO READY for fall TV.

I have to go to Baltimore and file some tax stuff now, otherwise there would be more, I'M SURE. Hi! How are youuuuuuu??
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2004-10-19 12:13 am
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no real coherency

PK Wars )

[ profile] loudreality? my internet's been cut off, I'm on a friend's computer and I can't do anything on it cause it's wonky. Tomorrow? Please?
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2004-10-17 11:49 pm
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don't mock my new obsessions :)

So, I meant to do this before the mini actually aired, but now works too, since I'm still giddy with excitement over it. :)

This is by no means comprehensive, but rather abbrievated. But be warned, it is EXTREMELY picture-heavy, so yeah. Once I got started I found it hard to stop. I love this show and it's so pretty and there are so many funny and heart-wrenching moments. I left out a lot of them, but at some point today I had to actually watch the show, so I didn't get to everything. But here it is:

My favorite Farscape moments, illustrated. )

Caps either came from Farscape-Caps or Farscape TV.
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2004-10-17 11:30 pm
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peacekeeper wars

We finished Bad Timing about half an hour before the miniseries aired. Wooooooo for nearly eight hours of Farscape!

Eeeeeeeeeeee! )

Right. Nothing of substance and not really everything that I squealed over, either. But yay! I actually have another Farscape-y post I'm working on now that I finished the series, so I'll post that instead.

Distractions are wonderful.
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2004-10-16 05:23 am
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(no subject)

Today ended so much better than it began. In short, I love all my friends.

I have to go to sleep now, because I'm supposed to be up very early tomorrow, and our exploits tonight have kept me awake much longer than I'd planned (which, by the way, is a-okay with me. heh.) I just wanted to share this with the Scapers on my friendslist (heeeee! I said Scapers!) I swiped it from [ profile] cerulgalactus.

And um, I'll write more when I'm not dead tired from an emotionally exhausting day.
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2004-10-11 11:37 pm
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heeee may naaaa, hee-may-nah!

It's October, but it doesn't feel like fall yet. It's chilly, but the leaves still haven't changed color and I can't smell the woods burning. I'm beginning to worry that we won't get much of a fall at all this year.

It's my dad's birthday today. I didn't call him. I'm not sure I'm going to even email him. I feel kinda bad, but not really bad enough to do anything about it. I'm not really even sure where he's living or working anyway, or if I could even get a hold of him were I to try.

Arrrgh. I sent my grandfather one anti-Bush email that wasn't even all that harsh, and I get inundated with a gazillion anti-Kerry emails that I'm sure are completely fabricated, given my grandfather's record with email fowards. In fact, I'm fairly certain he's sent every single one of these to me before. Arrrrgh. He's got his facts so completely wrong, and I'm going to stop looking at these emails before I get anymore irrationally upset.

I watched a lot of Farscape with Rac today. Have now seen through Twice Shy and will be watching the next two episodes tonight after work. I'm confident that I will finish the series this week, well before Sunday night. I'm excited. I've decided that there is no such thing as Farscape-overload. ;) Oh, but a few thoughts? )

Perhaps a more substantial update to follow. I don't know. Otherwise, expect more drivel to come your way in the near future! ;)
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2004-10-07 03:09 pm
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quick Farscape update

I think I just might make it. I'm gonna get the whole series in before the mini. I've seen through Coup by Clam.

Some thoughts? )

Hopefully Netflix will pull through and I'll get everything in time. Otherwise, I'll just have to tape it and watch it later. The good thing about this whole thing though? Most fans have been waiting forEVER for this mini, and I'll be finished with the series just before the conclusion airs. ;)

In other news, I think I did really well on my history midterm today, so that's a check in the plus column. I have to go shower and eat and go to the library and read some Emerson before my class tonight, though, so I'm off. Also, my computer's being really weird at the moment, so yeah. Going away from it now.
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2004-09-26 09:42 pm
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la la la la lalalala

I have Placebo stuck in my head.

So for some reason, the Internet in my room was shut off on Friday and hasn't yet started working again. It's really frustrating. There are plenty of things that I could have been doing online! :P

So instead of doing homework or goofing around online, I spent a good portion of my time reading. No, not doing all the reading for one of my three history classes, because that would mean I was a good student or something. Instead, I have finished the fourth Harry Potter book, and am now immersed in Order of the Phoenix. It's kind of weirding me out to be enjoying these books so much, because I fought against them for sooooo long. I'm a snooty English major. I look down on brain candy like this. :P So, I was kind of determined not to like them, but after Racheal dragged me to see all three movies, I discovered I kind of liked the universe, and I sort of wanted to know more about it. And now, it has consumed my life the past two weeks. I'll be glad to be finished this book, so I can go back to...being obsessed with Farscape. :P

Speaking of Farscape, I've seen through the first three episodes of S4. )

I'm going to spend the remainder of my time here in the library reading about a moody fifteen-year-old wizard (OMG Harry shouting at Ron and Hermione makes me SAD!!), instead of doing anything productive. Maybe I'll post again when I come up for air. (Although, I just want to say that I already know the Big Thing that's coming at the end of the book. It's kind of sad already knowing how it's going to go down, but at least I didn't get too attached to Said Thing before the Big Thing happened, right?)

Also? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind comes out on DVD on Tuesday, and I have no money. Pooooooooooooop.

Yeah. Back to being a dork. And singing Special K in my head. :)
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2004-09-21 01:45 am
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farscape fandom-y post

So, my dear friends, today, I watched Dog with Two Bones.

I'm not really sure if what I'm going to write will be at all spoilery, but just in case, it's under here. )

Yeah, I do want to yammer on for about an hour about the whole season, but I'm exhausted and having a really tough time making sure my typos are not too numerous, so it shall have to wait. Someone want to fangirl with me later? :)) *is hopeful*

And in other news, I did absolutely none of my history reading today! I AM TOTALLY REVELLING IN MY SENIORITIS! Except that I can't call it senioritis if I've been experiencing it since sophomore year, now can I?
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2004-08-12 12:48 am
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Farscape. Has taken over my life. It's kind of scary really.

Chris and I watched five or six episodes tonight, up to Out of their Minds (stillsoveryfunny!). The rest of my S3 discs haven't come in yet, so I've been content to relive S2 until then.

Taken over my life. Seriously. I can't make myself do anything else. I think tomorrow I will go on a random addFarscapepeople friending-spree, just so I can read about other people talking about the show. And I uploaded like six new icons, too, including this one of Stark, cause I find myself saying this all the time now. :P I seem to love the crazy characters the best. ;)

In other news, cause there is other news, I swear, I have to move this weekend. I am not at all excited about this. I'm definitely ready to be rid of this stupid room in this smelly building, but I wish I didn't have to go through the hassle of moving it all. Pain. In. The. Butt. Grar. Hate moving. So very sick of it. Can't stop talking in short bursts. Becoming annoying.


Nothing of substance to report. Westminster is too boring after three days in New York. Siiiiiigh.
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2004-08-03 12:50 am
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OMG theirloveissoangstyandforbiddenandmeanttobe!!!!1!

I've been trying to pinpoint exactly what it is I like about Farscape. Lots of spoilers through Season of Death.

Farscape ramblings. )

And in other news, I really need to go to bed.
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2004-07-21 09:06 pm
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Die Me, Dichotomy

So I couldn't restrain myself and I watched the last few episodes. And that finale?

Ripped me to tiny little shreds. )

Also, I'm looking into just buying the third season. I think it's safe to say that I love this show now, and that I'll want to watch these episodes again in the near future, and possibly ring some of my friends in as well. If I can find it reasonably priced on eBay or, I'm gonna go for it.

Ahhhh! Little itty bitty shreds!!!
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2004-07-12 05:01 pm
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Buffy the vampire slayer will be dead!

Heeeeee. Chrichton made a Buffy joke. I love this show. :)

And? Can he just go crazy in every episode? Cause I find it highly amusing.

ETA: Okay, but can someone explain to me how Chrichton can survive in the vaccuum of space? Shouldn't his head have exploded? I'm willing to suspend disbelief on most things, but that? Um, no.
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2004-07-12 01:06 am
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(no subject)

Do you know what I did today?

I watched four whole episodes of Farscape. I watched through My Three Chrichtons before I realized I should actually get up and do something with my life. (But eeee, the funny! Out of Their Minds was high-larious!)

But then I just sat around on my computer instead of my bed.

Around 7pm, I couldn't take it anymore and I had to get out of my room, so I drove to Gettysburg for no other reason than that I could. I didn't get out of the car, though, cause that town gives me the creeps and I really didn't like being there by myself. So I just kind of drove on through, stopped at the 7-11 right outside of town and got a grape slurpee.

There was a low mist hanging over the battlefields as I drove by. Incredibly eerie. I should write a story set in Gettysburg.

I don't have to babysit this whole week, though, so yay. No chasing after a spoiled four-year-old boy who hits me. Stupid boys. And I'm possibly/probably going to the beach this weekend. I looooooove the beach. I promise you I will live by the ocean someday. I don't know which one or how warm it will be. But there will be salt air and sand in between my toes. Oh yes.

(Speaking of, Chris have you thought about it anymore? I know you wanted to go to the club that weekend, but the reason that's a good beach weekend is because I don't have to work Friday night, so I don't have to go through the hassle of letting the people know a couple weeks in advance to take off, or of them having to find another sitter on short notice. Also, no one will be at Rac's grandparents' place except for her grandmother, which apparently is a once-in-a-summer event, usually there are tons of cousins and aunts and uncles there. Let me know, yesh?)

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive. What with all the envelope stuffing and all. ;) My roommate is talking in her sleep. I'm probably gonna wake her up with all the clacking, so I should stop. And go to bed.
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2004-07-05 11:13 pm
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So. Farscape.

I had a loverly weekend at home. Rac and Megan and Stew all went with me to my uncle's for BBQ and fireworks, though they weren't quite as spectacular as I'd hoped. But friends and family and blowing up a chunk of the country--what's better? ;)

That is not, however, what this post is about.

I've managed to watch all of S1 Farscape, save for the episode that wouldn't play. I thought now would be as good a time as any to gush over it, seeing as how I'm about to start S2. ;)

Ramblings that only a few of you will care about. )

So, with all of that said, I'm going to settle in with the season two episodes [ profile] saava sent that I was able to retrieve this weekend and see how that whole cliffhanger thing turns out. ;) (And is it just me or did D'Argo's face change?)

And finally? New icon. ;)
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2004-06-19 12:04 am
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Okay. Hi.

I'm mid-episode six of season one of Farscape.

And I'm hooked. I think I was hooked when Crichton made a Slaughterhouse-Five reference in the last episode. But Aeryn just said some woman gave her a woody and I'm hooked.

I think I need to stop watching and falling in love with cancelled cult television shows.

Also, I know it's kinda early on a Friday night, but you people need to stop having lives and start updating more. I'm bored, and if I don't have something to read or distract myself with soon, I may just double over in tears. I'm in a highly emotional state at the moment, and it's much too early to go to bed and sleep it off. So do your part!