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So I couldn't restrain myself and I watched the last few episodes. And that finale?

I don't really have any words or anything coherent to say. I'm reasonably sure everyone's gonna make it out okay, since there are two more seasons of the show, but sheesh. That one took a lot out of me.

It killed me to watch John and Aeryn finally say I love you, right before he knocked her out. He was actually very creepy as Scorpius, and for once the British accent didn't bug me. Maybe it was the costume.

And ohhhh. The tear! The TEAR! I can't stand it when that man cries. Little tiny shreds, I tell you.

That whole season. Was just amazing. I don't think there was one episode that I didn't love, (well, except for maybe that one with D'Argo and the priest woman at the beginning). I went through it a lot more quickly than I'd anticipated, I think I'm going to just watch them all again.

Also, I'm looking into just buying the third season. I think it's safe to say that I love this show now, and that I'll want to watch these episodes again in the near future, and possibly ring some of my friends in as well. If I can find it reasonably priced on eBay or, I'm gonna go for it.

Ahhhh! Little itty bitty shreds!!!
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