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I'm feeling hodgepodge-y today.

First: Weeee! )

Second: I keep saying that I don't think Jenna Fischer could get much more adorable, and then she keeps proving me wrong. I love that she keeps a blog that's pretty much just like most of ours. Mild spoilers in this one for this week's episode, but mostly it has Jenna wondering if she should all-out fangirl Jack Bauer when she meets him on Letterman this week. :p Seriously, how adorable is she?

Third: I didn't do much of note this weekend, I worked Friday and Sunday, as per usual. Saturday, I watched a lot of Supernatural and then made carrot and ginger soup for dinner. Rachel came over and we gossiped and ate lemon bars right out of the pan and it was wonderful. I've got a lot of hours coming up at B&N with the holiday season starting and all (boooohissss), so I guess it's good to get in my goofing off where I can. Do I sound resigned? I feel very resigned.

Fourth: I do have some television-related things I could say, though.

Dexter 1x05 )

Torchwood 1x04 )

And since I'm here, what about VM, huh?

Veronica Mars S3 )

Fifth: The Foo Fighters' acoustic tour DVD will be released at the end of the month. The Amazon page doesn't have much info on it yet, but I know they were recording at the show I saw. I hope some of our stuff makes it. Yay!
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Studio 60 )

Dexter 1.02 )

Veronica Mars 3.02 )

The Science of Sleep )

I got my hands on S1 of BSG, I think I'm going to attempt to watch it again. I got sidetracked by Six Feet Under, but now that the new season started I figured it's time to try and catch up for real. Also! The Office tonight! And Winchesters! Good thing I've got TV to keep me going!
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Briefly: Veronica Mars 3.01: Welcome Wagon )

ETA: Okay, now that I've actually finished. )

I'm gonna go watch it again, I think, before Studio 60 comes on. Hi, fall TV!
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Honestly, guys, I just can't bring myself to write about anything else these days. :(

The West Wing: Transition )

How Duncan Kane and coma babies ruined forever my favorite episode of VM. )

I'm chugging along with S1 of Six Feet Under. The only thing I really have to say at this point, though, is that Michael C. Hall just completely owns that entire cast. Where did he come from and why is not wildly famous?
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I've just been in a severe not-talking kind of mood lately.

Of note:

1. It's officially spring--the Navy boys have changed into their dress whites. Nevermind that most of them are only 18 or 19 years old. If I squint a little, they look older.

2. It's Megan's birthday today. She's been in Africa for over six months, and I still haven't sent her a letter. I'm officially the world's worst best friend.

3. Belated thoughts on Veronica Mars 2x19 )

4. July 31. Fiona Apple, Damien Rice, David Garza. I am so there.

ETA: Cliff, Shag, Marry. It's happening! /Michael Scott
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Veronica Mars 2.17: Plan B )

I had more to say, but that was already really long. :p
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VM 2.16 )

ETA: Spoilers for the promo only in the comments.
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I meant to post this earlier. And then I didn't. So here it is now. :)

Veronica Mars 2x15 )

Also, I just had possibly the best day I've had since I started working here. There was nothing going on in the office at all today, and so my boss decided we'd all go out for lunch. And instead of just going across town, he took us to DC. We ate at some upper-crusty trendy kind of restaurant right by the Capitol Building. It was good food and the weather was almost perfect: blue skies, big puffy clouds and warmer than it's been the last few days. If nothing else, I can't wait for spring and cherry blossoms and actual warm weather. So yay. I love my city. I'm pretty sure I'll end up living there someday. You know, a long, long time from now when I can afford to live in Georgetown. Which will be never, but hey. A girl can dream.

And two of my favorite boys are coming tonight and we're going out to eat and then seeing V for Vendetta. So. Double yay! :)
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I was going to write about Wednesday's VM, but as it turns out, I didn't have much nice to say, and not really much that hasn't been already said.

I'll stick with the less harsh stuff. )

Working this weekend. Not tonight, luckily, but tomorrow and Sunday. Next weekend, however, I have two glorious days off. I can't wait. Racheal is coming down, Chris is coming over, and other people possibly and it will be wonderful. I say this now, however. If next weekend turns into a "thing," I swear to the gods above I'm not speaking to you people anymore. ;) So, drama-free is the only way to go, got it? I am in some serious need of a stressless couple of days off.
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It's been a busy day, so this is somewhat later than usual. :p But that doesn't mean I don't want to blather on endlessly!

Veronica Mars 2.07: Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner )


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