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Important things to note today:


2. Andrew Jackson had a big block of cheese, and thank you Leo McGarry for helping me to mildly kick ass at Trivial Pursuit last night. (We so would have won if *someone* hadn't gotten all tired and stuff. Pshaw. I really miss late night games of Trivial Pursuit from 1981). In honor, I watched 'The Crackpots and these Women' from S1 TWW when I got home, and I gotta say, that one would probably be pretty high up on my list of favorite episodes if it weren't for that whole "Gee golly gosh! Look at these here liberated womens!" thing at the end. :p

3. Apparently, according to Hillary Duff anyway, I grew up in the ghetto. I didn't think I could hate anyone related to that whole group of people more than the one twin who called us all white trash, but it seems that I can. Is she really that stupid?

4. I'm volunteering with Ashley at a local music festival tomorrow. Music, free food, sunshine, and (hopefully) cool people. Should be a good time.

5. I'm working tonight, and Sunday. Which kinda sucks, but whatever. I'm resigned to the fact that my manager hates me. It shouldn't last too much longer, anyway. Also, I just remembered, I have no idea what the store's hours are on July 4. I didn't request off, I hope I don't have to work. Eeeep!

6. I know I had something else to say this morning. Consider this a placeholder.
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Things that make me happy today:

1. RENT! )

2. Weekends where I don't have to work at all. )

3. Any variation of the name "JfDoh." Cracks me up every. single. time.

4. The West Wing: Institutional Memory )

5. Christina's post about this weekend. Or, well, actually, Ashley's demon spawn icon. Hee.

6. I'm officially going to be tutoring Spanish to a high school senior over the summer. I don't actually *speak* fluent Spanish, but I'm hoping this will be an opportunity for me to get a little closer to that particular goal of mine. But I think I'll do okay, especially since I'm only tutoring him on the early-level stuff. I know the grammar, I'm just awful at connecting stuff in my head. I think I've figured out what my roadblock is, though. Instead of just hearing the language, I translate everything in my head first, and then I'm always two sentences behind whatever's being said. I'm not sure how to fix that, but there you go.

7. Today has completely flown by. It's already after lunch. Woo.

8. I wore rainbow-striped underwear to Rent. I'm still amused, okay?

9. Animaniacs on DVD!

10. The fact that, even though there is an equally long list of things that don't make me happy today (which includes the rainy weather, having to work 15 hours today, getting chastised for not cleaning up after other people who never clean up after themselves, not being terribly excited for the VM finale, and my mom canceling our hair appointment/dinner date for tomorrow night), I'm not especially compelled to dwell on any of them. Woohoo, happy things.

How's everyone else on this somewhat bleak Monday?
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Honestly, guys, I just can't bring myself to write about anything else these days. :(

The West Wing: Transition )

How Duncan Kane and coma babies ruined forever my favorite episode of VM. )

I'm chugging along with S1 of Six Feet Under. The only thing I really have to say at this point, though, is that Michael C. Hall just completely owns that entire cast. Where did he come from and why is not wildly famous?
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So, I felt really crappy this weekend. So crappy, and tired and headachey and feverish, that I called out of work last night. And what with Netflix feeding my habit and all, I watched a lot of television.

Freaks & Geeks: 1x01-1x03 )

Battlestar Galactica Miniseries )

Six Feet Under 1x01-1x03 )

Also, after some distance and conversations with others and a re-watch of Noel, I have a bunch more thoughts on last night's TWW. But, I think I'll wait and save them for next week, because I'd like to see how they handle that. I'm hoping they remember that Josh makes jokes when he doesn't know how to handle things. That'd be nice.

And finally, a very happy birthday to [ profile] whisperwords! I hope you're having a fantastic day!


Mar. 12th, 2006 09:10 pm
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I did nothing but work this weekend. And read Anthony Rapp's book. And work some more. Followed by more reading. And then I watched The West Wing. Thus:

TWW: The Cold, spoilers for the episode and the preview that aired afterward. )

Also, I bought tickets to see Rent when it comes to the Warner Theater in DC. Saturday night showing, orchestra seating, slightly to the left of the middle. Very excited. :)
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It's a slow day. I already took a long lunch and it's still only 3:30. So, to amuse myself, memes:

Yet another fandom-type meme )

Also, I was tagged by a new friend, [ profile] ellie79:

Meme in Sevens )

I bought a whole bunch of stuff yesterday. I have lots of things to talk about. There will probably be a meanderingly long post later tonight sometime. Just a forewarning. ;)
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I just got home from work, and I was changing and thinking I'd pop in an episode of The West Wing and then go to bed, but instead I got online and found out that John Spencer died.

So sad. I'm gonna go cry now. :(

ETA: I just keep reading post after post about people talking about this, and I'm so shocked. And I mean, he was so young. And it's Christmas. And my favorite aunt was 58 when she died. And I'm still kind of crying about this ten minutes later.
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I feel like I've been updating my LJ a lot more than I should considering I still don't have the Internet at home...

My weekend at a glance. )

Saturday night I went to see Jarhead with Ashley, Chris, and Mike. My short, somewhat shallow, and not-very-spoilery reactions, upon leaving the theater:

Jarhead )

And finally, The West Wing 7.07 )

I suppose I should rustle up some work. ...really, I just wanted an excuse to say rustle up.
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1. Great weekend. Friday night I went to see Stay with Ashley. I liked it a lot, if nothing else it was very visually appealing--both because of the Ewan factor and the cinematography. ;) I'd like to see it again anyway, just to figure out all the little stuff I missed the first time through.

2. Friday, I also landed myself a second job at Barnes & Noble. They're starting me out in the cafe, which I wasn't too thrilled about, but I met the girl who's going to be training me and she seems really cool, so I'm sure it'll work out. Plus, since I'm technically a rehire, I'm making a whoooole lot more than I was when I worked in the bookstore at school last year. So that's pretty awesome.

3. Saturday my mother cancelled on me again, and so was spent out with the girls and Mike, who I haven't seen in months and months. We went to (where else?) Griffin's and had dinner and drinks, then walked over to Ram's Head, and then headed home to watch the Great Mouse Detective and sleep. Because we are just that cool.

4. Yesterday after Mike and Christina went home, Aster hung out and watched Veronica Mars while I went in for training at B&N (she's up to Drinking the Kool-Aid. Oh Casey, I love you.) and then when I got back we did the sitting around and talking until we realize we're starving thing. It was wonderful, and much needed.

5. We also watched The West Wing last night. I have just this to say: )

6. I have to work a bunch this week, training and stuff and B&N, but someone somewhere likes me very much, as I am definitely not scheduled for Wednesday night. ;)

Sooo, all in all, a fabulous weekend, which is just what I was looking for. I miss my friends, so this was just what I wanted. Especially since I have to work both Saturday and Sunday next weekend. :p
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So I should probably be using this limited Internet time of mine to talk about something other than TV, but.

The West Wing 7.04 )

Anyway, that said, I had a nice relaxing weekend. I went to a wedding yesterday for my cousin, which was actually sort of the most boring cookie-cutter wedding ever, and today I spent some time with my mother going through boxes and boxes of old things, throwing out stuff, consolidating old memories, that kind of thing. I had dinner with my stepfather and sisters, and I've spent the rest of the evening trying to fix my sister's computer and get all the stuff I downloaded over the summer off of it.

Ugh, I hate Sunday nights, though. I really don't want the week to start up again tomorrow. Siiiigh. I really wish I had more to say, or rather, the time to say everything.


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