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Just saw this link via Whedonesque: "I, Malcom."

So, what was it like to be Mal? I don't know. ... I guess, imagine wanting, all your life, to be able to fly. Daydreaming about it, fantasizing about it. Imagine that flying was all you ever wanted. Then, for a few months, somebody gave you wings.
... Ooo. That's good. I'm going to write that down.

How do I arrange it so that I get to sit down and have dinner with that man some day? Can we make that happen?
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It's a slow day. I already took a long lunch and it's still only 3:30. So, to amuse myself, memes:

Yet another fandom-type meme )

Also, I was tagged by a new friend, [ profile] ellie79:

Meme in Sevens )

I bought a whole bunch of stuff yesterday. I have lots of things to talk about. There will probably be a meanderingly long post later tonight sometime. Just a forewarning. ;)
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People who are seeing Serenity with me this weekend:

Showtimes and a question. )

In other news, only twelve hours until Ashley and I will desperately be hitting rewind on the tape of the VM premiere. ;) Giddy with dorky anticipation? Me? HAH!
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Serenity squealing )

Veronica Mars )

Anyway, more thoughts later, maybe. Right now I have to get started on an eight page paper.
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This is mostly for my own reference, cause I'm sure most of you who care have already seen it, but Nathan Fillion is my favorite person ever. He called himself Captain Tightpants. I love that man.

I cannot wait for this movie. :)
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Woo. Hoo.

We knew it was going to happen, but yay! It's really going to happen. :)
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Firefly )

Buffy )

The Buffy icons include discarded [ profile] treepretty entries, including the one I was going to send in and completely forgot about until after the deadline. :P As always, if you'd like an icon, please comment and credit me somewhere. I'm a sucker for feedback, so give me some of that, too. :)

ETA: Eeep! And I forgot to mention and really wanted to, pretty much all the brushes I used were made by [ profile] dtissagirl or [ profile] quebelly, cause they rock and stuff. :)
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I'm going to be 21 in just over two weeks. That's a scary thought.

Despite the ever-growing pile of books I want to read in the corner of my room, I think I'm going to reread To Kill a Mockingbird for about the fifth time. I bought myself the hardcover edition with some of my Christmas giftcard money, and I really wanna read it again. It's in my top ten list. Matter of fact, in the top two. :)

I've watched all of Firefly. I'm in love. I'm going through all the commentaries now, and soon will have nothing new to watch. Why is the general public more excited about Average Joe 2 than a great show like Firefly? Damn you stupid Americans.

Greg's going to be in Baltimore next week for interviews at Hopkins. Mayhaps will visit him.

It's really freaking cold outside. I'm desperate to go to the beach for spring break this year. I need the warm weather, the taste of salt on my lips, the sound of the waves crashing into the shore at sunset. This is a must. I need to be there. I will go alone if necessary.

JanTerm will be over in a week, my keys will work again, and classes will start. Is it bad that I'm actually looking foward to classes?


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