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I know, two posts in one month! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! But my weekend activities definitely merited another post. Because! This weekend! We made a gingerbread TARDIS. It is basically the greatest ever.


Right? Awesome. Merry Christmas, everyone! If that's what you're into.
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I don't know why I'm so overtired today, but I really feel like if I don't get some work to do or something to occupy myself with here soon I'm going to pass out right at my desk. I'm undercaffeinated, but the thought of a cup of coffee right now is making my stomach turn.

Anyway, the real reason for this post. I love 12 of 12, and I've never done it before. So I actually remembered my camera yesterday and gave it a try, and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

12 of 12 )
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This week I:

1. Finally, finally, finally saw Fiona Apple live. )

2. Made a list of things I really, really miss about college. )

3. Developed a new crush on someone I believe to be an Asst. State's Attny at the Courthouse next door. My tastes will never change. He's older though, and probably married. I forgot to scope him out for a ring. Hmmmm.

4. Had an absolutely fanfreakingtastic time with Ashley and my B&N girls, even though it meant staying up so late I still feel like a zombie. I'm hoping for more wacky fun tonight.

5. Overslept because I thought it was Saturday morning, when it was, in fact, Friday morning. Seriously. I turned off my alarm and thought, "Why did I leave this on when it's Saturday?" Ugh. I came into work almost 45 minutes late. What's that? I desperately need a vacation? Yeah, I'm not going to argue with you.

6. Started making plans for my vacation! ;) Boston, baby. Four days, hopefully, and then a weekend trip to Busch Gardens with Ashley. September cannot come fast enough.
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1. Every morning, as I'm inevitably rushing out the door because I'm at least ten minutes behind, I fill up my McDaniel College Nalgene bottle (which, trust me, has seen better days) with water. A few weeks ago, Ashley made me watch an episode of The Office from the first season, because she said it made her think of me. And now, each morning as I'm filling that Nalgene bottle, the same quote runs through my head:

Dwight: Studies show that more information is passed through water cooler gossip than through official memos, which puts me at a disadvantage because...[picks up water bottle]...I bring my own water to work.

At least it starts my day on a hilarious note. :p I need an icon, methinks.

2. This is why I suggested attack dogs. But no, my mother wanted an alpaca. )

3. So, the snow is starting to piss me off, as it's threatening my livelihood. Not only did I nearly slip and break my neck last night on the sidewalk outside of my apartment complex (because yes, I am that coordinated), but Barnes & Noble has been without power for two days, and of course those two days have to be the days I was supposed to work. This week? I will be getting a lousy eight hours. Which I'd feel better about if I'd already paid more than just half of my bills this month.

4. I was supposed to bring in all my tax information to fax to my mother this morning, since she was awesome enough to find someone who will do my taxes for me, and who am I to pass that up? I know that one day I'll need to be able to easily do it on my own, but I figure now's not that time. However, in my haste to get out the door this morning, I remembered every piece of information except the fax number. Yay Team Heather!

5. Also? I'm having a grammar nazi kind of day. But seriously? It bugs the hell out of me going through all these templates on the computer and finding misplaced or just plain missing commas. I shudder to think of all the documents that went out before I got here that were just plain wrong.

6. I'm in a West Wing groove the past few nights, and currently I'm rewatching the staff-finds-out-about-the-MS arc, and I'm really starting to wish I had S3 on DVD, because I'm not up for watching Two Cathedrals any time soon, but I want to keep going. I think that might have to be next investment. Sometime far away from now, though, 'cause I've spent all I'm allowing myself to spend of my birthday money. Let me just say, though, there will never be a part of me that doesn't wish that I could just be C.J. Cregg. Seriously
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In lieu of an actual post, I bring you pictures. For several reasons, really, not the least of which being I really don't want to pack. :P

Anyway, these are all from the last couple weeks, the first batch is of my trip to the Catoctin mountains with Aster, Racheal, and Ashley for a picnic. The second is of the kid I babysat all year, cause I had my last night last week and I brought my camera. The last is from yesterday and our trip to Annapolis.

LOTS of pictures. Not dial-up friendly, obviously. )

Ashley made a better post with a whole lot more pictures here, but I think it's friendslocked, so I'll have to bug her to unlock it so you can seeeee!

Paul. )

(I totally didn't have to fight back tears as I was getting in my car to leave. Nope. Not me.)

Yesterday's quick trip to Annapolis. )

I'll probably spam some more tonight. I've got lots of things to talk about and lots of packing to avoid. :)
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So I am of the firm belief that spring break is the best thing that humankind ever invented, just edging out the wheel and the thermos.

I am back from Jersey and Philadelphia. The three of us packed so much into three days that I feel like I was gone for a lot longer than I was. Which is good, because I have so much work in front of me that I'm sort of afraid. I avoided it tonight and watched eight (yes EIGHT!) episodes of Sports Night with Aster, but tomorrow I don't think I will be as lucky. :P

But! You should all look at my Philly pictures. Most of them are mine, and a few I stole from Chris, but all of them are awesome! And there's lots, so...beware. Or something.

Image hosted by

Philadelphia pictures! )

Okay. Now. I need you guys to do something for me. I need you to download this song and listen to it and rejoice in how hilariously bad and wonderful it is.

Hellogoodbye - Jesse Buy Nothing... Go to Prom Anyways

I stole it from Ashley last week, and it was part of our Philly soundtrack. You must listen, if only because you like me and would do anything to appease me. You have to imagine me bouncing up and down and singing along at the top of my lungs to get the full effect. ;)

And with that, I'm off to do some reading--either Márquez or something Vonnegutian.
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I've had Kurt Vonnegut on the brain so much lately, stressing out about what I'm going to write 30 pages on, that I've forgotten why I love him so much. I opened up my copy of Timequake tonight and read the first few chapters for some inspiration. And this, my friends, is why he is one of my all-time favorite writers:

"I have pretended in this book that I will still be alive for the clambake in 2001. In chapter 46, I imagine myself as still alive in 2010. Sometimes I say I'm in 1996, where I really am, and sometimes I say I am in the midst of a rerun following a timequake, without making clear distinctions between the two situations.

I must be nuts."


Good times this weekend. Friday night was Christina's play (pictures here), and Saturday night I went to Annapolis again with Ashley and Brock, and this time we remembered our cameras! We rocked out to some awesome music on the way there (which, Ashley, I need to copy from you cause that CD was hilarious), and ate at Griffin's again. The band wasn't quite as good this week, too jam-bandish for my tastes, but it was still a good time. Some of these I took, and some of these I stole from Ashley.

Image hosted by
Ashley (aka [ profile] roxyoi301) and me!

11 more! )


I had to write a proposal for my sem paper topic tonight. I was frustrated because I don't know what I'm doing and because my computer sucks monkey balls. Chris came in, and looked over my shoulder at what I'd written thus far, cracked up and told me I had to post it. So, I give you:

My paper proposal, draft one. )


I've finally gotten my hands on all 11 tracks of Fiona Apple's new CD. Anyone want it? Comment if you do and I'll upload it tomorrowish. Otherwise I'm keeping it all to myself! ;)

It's awesome, though. I keep trying to pick out a favorite and I keep failing miserably. It depends on which one is playing. Currently, my favorite is "Oh Well," but ask again as soon as the next track comes on. Oh, Fiona, I love you so.

what wasted unconditional love
on somebody who doesn't believe in the stuff


And with that, I'm off to bed. 9:40 a.m. meeting with my professor tomorrow. Double yuck.
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I had a pretty low-key and enjoyable birthday yesterday. Thanks to everyone who sent me good birthday vibes, you don't know how happy that kind of thing makes me. :)

Everything went pretty much according to plan. Classes went by pretty quickly, and I got to spend a few hours on the couch with The West Wing and Groundhog Day before everyone came back to go out. We went out for food and strawberry maragaritas and cheesepie, and then came back here to play Clue, even though I totally spaced about halfway through and stopped trying to win.

Aster gave me a cool Gryffindor-colored scarf and Chris got me the cutest shirt EVAR!!1! ;)

Pictorial proof. )

And Racheal gave me the Peacekeeper Wars DVD and Simpsons Gone Wild (!), but not til after I took the picture. But they're awesome, too! :)))

This weekend Megan's coming up and we're going out to dinner tomorrow night, and then Saturday we're having a birthday phenomenon for us cool people with early February birthdays. So yay!

Also, have you all listened to American Pie today? Cause you should. I was gonna upload it, but YSI isn't working anymore, so...go turn on a radio. I'm sure someone's playing it. :P
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A few links first:

New Goblet of Fire pictures! Including a look at Viktor Krum and the mermaids and YAY!

30-second Bunnies Theater. Movies in 30 seconds as performed by bunnies. My favorite is the Titanic one.

Swing dancing! Pictures on Christina's journal from our outing last night. :)

I've been in a weird non-talky mood lately. I feel like I have a lot to say but no real reason or motivation to write it all out. So instead you get this! And possibly some snow pictures if I feel like uploading them.

School starts on Monday. Ugggghh.

ETA: Pictures!

I finally got around to uploading all my pictures from my newish digital camera onto my computer and then onto the Internets. First, I just want to say that where I live is way prettier than where you live. :)

It snowed some more today and it's supposed to continue through the night, so I'm hoping for some serious work and school closingness in the next two days. ;)

And since I uploaded them, a few choice pictures from Christmas:

I promise they're cute! )

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In an effort to keep my mind off of other things that I need to stop thinking about, namely the election and my homework, I finally figured out how to upload those pictures I took the other day on Racheal's camera. I even resized them and everything!

Mostly, I think you should all see the beauty that is my campus. Plus I threw in a few extra pictures that I took kinda randomly. Cause those are always fun, too.

More autumn-y fun! )

For some reason, four of the pictures randomly decided to resize themselves, and I can't get them to be the same size as any of the others no matter what I do, so I don't care anymore. Deal with the non-uniformity!

And now, if you don't mind, I have a date with my couch, some junk food, and a couple of space operas of the Firefly and Farscape variety. ;)
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I'm feeling kind of down.

So I'm going to steal pictures from Christina and post them so you can see what fun I had this weekend. ;)

Just a few more under here. )

We had a relaxing weekend, spent all day on Saturday on the beach. I got a lovely sunburn on the backs of my legs, which has been soooo comfortable for driving and sitting and walking and pretty much exisiting. :P If you would like to see a few more pictures, check out Christina's whole post on the trip. Maybe I'll post my own pictures later if I'm feeling particularly motivated.

In the meantime, I have a Subway sub to eat and some Farscape to watch. And a couple chapters of my book to read. So I need to get on that.

(ETA: If I were looking for some quality Farscape icons, where would I start, after perusing some of Angie's back entries?)
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I figured the best way to describe the trip was to post pictures, because really, who doesn't love a picture post? So here's our weekend, more or less. You'll have to fill in the blanks yourself.

A trip in Pictures! )

So there it is. It was fun, and you're jealous cause you weren't there. Mmmhmm. :)

And hey! I got to see Hungarian Dan tonight. I was afraid he was going to go back to Budapest and I was never gonna see him again ever. He came over and we chatted tv stuff and life in Hungary. T'was fun.


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