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Real life is seriously kicking my ass these days. In case you were wondering what happened to me.

Good things, though? The cookie swap was yesterday and I made out with a ton of cookies made by people who are better at baking than I am, which--awesome, and most of the cookies aren't even chocolatey, so double win. AND Tricia came over last night and we watched Love Actually, which always manages to give me warm fuzzies, so yay. ANNNND I hung out with Stew over the weekend. We were supposed to be Christmas shopping, but I only managed to buy one thing, and I still have no idea what to do for my family and I'm fast approaching brokesville, so I don't know about all that. But, happy things! We hung out and watched the Grinch and all was well.

Other than that: Memes for the bored. )
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I finally got around to watching the preview clip for the Scrubs musical and oh dear god. I can't wait. When is this airing? Isn't it episode six or something? I think it should be episode two.

Anyway, I'm off to buy myself a cheap electric mixer and then I'm gonna spend the night making cookies. I signed up for a cookie swap at B&N without realizing that the cookies were due this weekend, and tonight is pretty much the only night I have free for baking. So, here's hoping I don't burn the place down in my haste to churn out six dozen cookies in a few hours. I'll let you know how it goes.

And yay for Thursdays. Currently my favorite day of the week. ;)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] madmoisellestar!

In other news,

1. I'm way more tired than I have any right to be this morning,

2. the weather is nice enough today that we have the front door wide open, which only makes me want to be outside instead of stuck in here,

3. and I'm still depressed about Doctor Who. You know how when you're right in the thick of an obsession with a show or a 'ship and every song you hear is about that thing? Yeah, I've currently appropriated three or four Decemberists songs just for the Doctor and Rose. So. Yeah. I wish I'd watched this with everyone else now, if only so I'd have someone to be depressed with at the moment. :p

It's Wednesday, which means I have to work tonight, which sucks, but it also means I'll have Project Runway waiting for me when I get home, which doesn't suck. My mantra this week is just-make-it-to-Saturday. I just had a blissful day of sitting around in my pjs doing nothing, but I already feel like I need another break. I think maybe I just need a real change, a break in routine. I hate routine. I think really I should quit Barnes & Noble, I've been there way too long as it is. Although, I don't know if just changing second jobs is really going to help much at all.
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Important things to note today:


2. Andrew Jackson had a big block of cheese, and thank you Leo McGarry for helping me to mildly kick ass at Trivial Pursuit last night. (We so would have won if *someone* hadn't gotten all tired and stuff. Pshaw. I really miss late night games of Trivial Pursuit from 1981). In honor, I watched 'The Crackpots and these Women' from S1 TWW when I got home, and I gotta say, that one would probably be pretty high up on my list of favorite episodes if it weren't for that whole "Gee golly gosh! Look at these here liberated womens!" thing at the end. :p

3. Apparently, according to Hillary Duff anyway, I grew up in the ghetto. I didn't think I could hate anyone related to that whole group of people more than the one twin who called us all white trash, but it seems that I can. Is she really that stupid?

4. I'm volunteering with Ashley at a local music festival tomorrow. Music, free food, sunshine, and (hopefully) cool people. Should be a good time.

5. I'm working tonight, and Sunday. Which kinda sucks, but whatever. I'm resigned to the fact that my manager hates me. It shouldn't last too much longer, anyway. Also, I just remembered, I have no idea what the store's hours are on July 4. I didn't request off, I hope I don't have to work. Eeeep!

6. I know I had something else to say this morning. Consider this a placeholder.
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Dear Barnes & Noble customers:

I swear to god, it won't be long now before I snap, and it will be all your fault. I realize that when you come to the counter for a cup of coffee or a 500-calorie slice of cheesecake, I'm wearing a stupid uniform and a green apron, and therefore I'm not an actual person to you, but you know what? I'm preparing your food, so you should probably think about that before treating me like crap. That said, a few things to keep in mind:

1. That trash you leave all over the tables in the dining room? A real, live, honest-to-god breathing human being has to clean up. Do you leave empty cups and sucked-on straws and used napkins all over your tables at home? Or worse, on top of the trash can? Seriously, folks, there are three clearly labeled trash receptacles. Don't put trash on top of them, or near them, or around them, put trash in them. And please, for the love of all that is good and sacred in this world, stop wadding up napkins inside your ceramic coffee mugs. I've gotta fish those things out and it's gross.

2. I realize that there is a giant Starbucks logo on the menu board. But I promise you, we are not a Starbucks. No, I'm not lying to you. Look at the logo a little closer, see how it says "Proudly serving Starbucks Coffee"? That's because we serve Starbucks coffee, much like we serve pastries from the Cheesecake Factory. So, no, we won't take your Starbucks giftcard, no matter how much you look around at all the stacks and stacks and stacks of books asking "But isn't this a Starbucks?"

3. That whole joke about just wanting a regular, normal, plain old cup of coffee was never funny. And people stopped caring in 1995. Of course you can get a regular cup of coffee, so stop smirking like you just said something hilarious, you smug, self-righteous jerk.

4. If I ever run into those six teenagers who came in the store last night and ordered 7 frappacinos and an iced latte five minutes before close, it's possible no one will ever hear from me again, as I will be serving a life sentence at a prison that probably doesn't house a hot Wentworth Miller look-a-like.

5. When I hand you your coffee and say the words "tall, skim, decaf latte" and then you ask me if it's decaf, don't be surprised if I'm no longer Polite and Friendly Barista. Honestly, it's taking every ounce of my willpower not to smack you across the mouth.

6. Just so you know, if I were in charge of the world, no one would ever be allowed to step foot in a retail store until they'd worked in a retail store themselves. So consider yourselves lucky that my plans for world domination thus far have failed.

These are only a few things to maybe keep in mind while shopping at the Barnes & Noble cafe. Not all of you suck, and I do appreciate the apologetic note the last of the seven last-minute customers left for me yesterday, but please. Next time you're ordering a cup of coffee, stop and think, and remember to treat other human beings with the same respect you expect us to treat you with, because your server may just be teetering on the edge of sanity as it is.


Irate Barista
Annapolis, MD
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1. Great weekend. Friday night I went to see Stay with Ashley. I liked it a lot, if nothing else it was very visually appealing--both because of the Ewan factor and the cinematography. ;) I'd like to see it again anyway, just to figure out all the little stuff I missed the first time through.

2. Friday, I also landed myself a second job at Barnes & Noble. They're starting me out in the cafe, which I wasn't too thrilled about, but I met the girl who's going to be training me and she seems really cool, so I'm sure it'll work out. Plus, since I'm technically a rehire, I'm making a whoooole lot more than I was when I worked in the bookstore at school last year. So that's pretty awesome.

3. Saturday my mother cancelled on me again, and so was spent out with the girls and Mike, who I haven't seen in months and months. We went to (where else?) Griffin's and had dinner and drinks, then walked over to Ram's Head, and then headed home to watch the Great Mouse Detective and sleep. Because we are just that cool.

4. Yesterday after Mike and Christina went home, Aster hung out and watched Veronica Mars while I went in for training at B&N (she's up to Drinking the Kool-Aid. Oh Casey, I love you.) and then when I got back we did the sitting around and talking until we realize we're starving thing. It was wonderful, and much needed.

5. We also watched The West Wing last night. I have just this to say: )

6. I have to work a bunch this week, training and stuff and B&N, but someone somewhere likes me very much, as I am definitely not scheduled for Wednesday night. ;)

Sooo, all in all, a fabulous weekend, which is just what I was looking for. I miss my friends, so this was just what I wanted. Especially since I have to work both Saturday and Sunday next weekend. :p


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