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I had a lot of things planned to do last night. I needed to clean my room, because it's an absolute disaster area. I needed to fold my laundry, I wanted to go to the grocery store, and there were about eight different posts I wanted to comment on. Instead, there was a thunderstorm and I was feeling a little bit emo, and so I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which, you know, I do sometimes.

And then I felt this need to go through caps and save all my favorites, which pretty quickly turned into a picspam. I started putting this together, and then I fell asleep, and now I'm feeling decidedly less down, but I spent so much time on it last night that I feel like I should post it. Plus, Kate is pretty.

the world forgetting, by the world forgot )

Caps by [ profile] _jems_, of course.
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To do list for the next two days:

1. Tourguide stuff until 4:30.
2. Write at least 5 pages for CW.
3. Read as close to the end of Mrs. Dalloway as humanly possible.
4. Clean my room!
5. Critique fiction papers.
6. Study for my badminton test--because yes, I have a test in badminton.
7. Register at 9:20 tomorrow for next semester.
8. Call and RSVP for President's dinner.
9. Call grandparents.
10. Lunch with prospectives tomorrow.

Yes. Feasible. Updates on how much I actually get done to come in the near future.

I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again last night with Rac and Chris and my Stewbert. I loved it just as much or more. I want to see it again! And again! It's such a pretty movie.

Okay, gotta grab something to eat right quickly before I have to go be charming and convince people to come to my school. :P
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Back from break. I still haven't unpacked or started my five-to-six-page-paper that's due on Tuesday. But really, did you expect anything less?

I have loads to say, and hopefully I will get a chance to say it all in the next few days. I spent last weekend in Pittsburgh, and I will be posting pictures after this post. I spent the rest of this past week sitting at home doing a lot of sleeping in, avoiding homework, watching movies and TV, and other non-school stuff. It's not like going to the beach (or Paris!), but it was time well spent anyway.

I visited with my grandparents a lot, helped my mother host a party yesterday (where I was treated like a 15-year-old again--some woman asked me if it wouldn't be too much trouble to take her daughter out to the playground for a little while), I got my oil changed so that my car won't blow up, and I saw a movie with my Stewbert last night. (Eternal Sunshine--go see it. It was strange, but lovely.)

My best friend's brother, who at one point was like my own brother, was in a car accident a few weeks ago, and no one felt the need to tell me. He was pulling his car into his mother's driveway and was broadsided by a drunk driver. His head went through the windshield apparently--because the dork never wears his seatbelt--and he has stitches and all sorts of other bad stuff. I found out through a friend who heard it from someone else who heard it from someone else. And I felt awful. Why do I never talk to these people anymore, why don't they talk to me? I called him last night, but only talked to him for a minute, and I didn't get to see him. Why does it take hearing about a near-death experience for me to call him? And why do I have to worry about my favorite people in the world having near-death experiences? This kind of thing should not happen. And it scares me, because it doesn't matter how good a driver you are if some drunk asshole is just going to drive right into your car.

That was part of the loads I have to say, so maybe I should stop. I want to post the pictures so that the temptation to do so will be gone and I can work on my paper. So I'm gonna get on that now. :)


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