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Studio 60 )

Dexter 1.02 )

Veronica Mars 3.02 )

The Science of Sleep )

I got my hands on S1 of BSG, I think I'm going to attempt to watch it again. I got sidetracked by Six Feet Under, but now that the new season started I figured it's time to try and catch up for real. Also! The Office tonight! And Winchesters! Good thing I've got TV to keep me going!
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I had a lot of things planned to do last night. I needed to clean my room, because it's an absolute disaster area. I needed to fold my laundry, I wanted to go to the grocery store, and there were about eight different posts I wanted to comment on. Instead, there was a thunderstorm and I was feeling a little bit emo, and so I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which, you know, I do sometimes.

And then I felt this need to go through caps and save all my favorites, which pretty quickly turned into a picspam. I started putting this together, and then I fell asleep, and now I'm feeling decidedly less down, but I spent so much time on it last night that I feel like I should post it. Plus, Kate is pretty.

the world forgetting, by the world forgot )

Caps by [ profile] _jems_, of course.
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I have a "real" post in the works, but I have to share this RIGHT THIS SECOND. EEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Spider-Man 3 Teaser. Official version released later today. Cannot wait to see this in the theater. Do we know yet what it's showing in front of?


ETA: Official teaser trailer on!
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1. I went to Atlantic City with Racheal this weekend. Which actually means, I went to Ocean City, NJ, but stayed in AC. )

2. We saw X3 on Friday night. Thoughts and a poll underneath! )

3. I've been talking to my uncle about flying up to Boston for a weekend sometime in June. I'm actually getting really excited, though I kinda wish I could have gone this past month before the weather started shifting into unbearable mugginess. I've been thinking about it a lot, and I'm really going to start saving to move up there. I'm not sure if I'd rather try for this winter or next spring. I may just wait until after my sister graduates high school, because I'd like to be close until then, but who knows. Maybe I'll go up in June and decide I never want to leave. :p

4. Speaking of unbearable mugginess, it's not even June yet and the awful Maryland summer weather has started. It is so gross outside right now, and on top of that, it's sort of freezing in my office, so going back and forth is not so much helping my sunburn-crazy body temperature. Couldn't we just have the perfect May weather stay a little while longer?
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There's a dead mouse in the back room by the filing cabinet. And I hate to be a girl about it, but I so totally am, because ew. Just, ew. Thinking about it is just, ew. Ew ew ew. And I have work to do and now I don't want to do it because ewwwww. I can't get back to the filing anyway. Ugh. Stupid old downtown buildings. Yuck.


Okay. Stop being a girl. Yes. Ick.

Anyway. New year and all that jazz. Racheal came down from NJ this weekend and we went downtown for First Night and fireworks, and there was much fun to be had. I missed pretty much all of the other festivities this weekend, though, since I had to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which totally and completely sucked, let me tell you. I would have had to work last night, too, but someone at work took pity on me and switched shifts with me. Which was all fine and dandy until I remembered I was supposed to hang out with Garrett on Wednesday. Grar. But still, it was nice to be able to sleep in and sit around in my pajamas most of the day yesterday and not have to worry about being on any sort of schedule. And it was nice being able to spend at least a little bit of time with my friends, since I feel like I never see any of them anymore.

Christina and Skyler came over yesterday and we went to see Brokeback Mountain. It sort of broke me, and I kinda knew it would. I was fine after the movie, and then Chris and Skyler dropped me off at the unit, and I went upstairs and just started bawling out of nowhere. It was a little weird. I choose to blame the sad gay cowboys.

Other thoughts. )

I have a huge fandom-y post of fun in the works, but I thought my first post of the year shouldn't be about television. Instead, dead mice and gay cowboys seemed more fitting. :p

But hey. Scrubs tonight! I missed the Braff. For now, though, work. And avoiding the back room until my boss gets here. Yuck.

ETA: There were two of them. And my boss finally got here and took care of them. Ugh. Who knew I was such a girl, right?
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I feel like I've been updating my LJ a lot more than I should considering I still don't have the Internet at home...

My weekend at a glance. )

Saturday night I went to see Jarhead with Ashley, Chris, and Mike. My short, somewhat shallow, and not-very-spoilery reactions, upon leaving the theater:

Jarhead )

And finally, The West Wing 7.07 )

I suppose I should rustle up some work. ...really, I just wanted an excuse to say rustle up.
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1. Great weekend. Friday night I went to see Stay with Ashley. I liked it a lot, if nothing else it was very visually appealing--both because of the Ewan factor and the cinematography. ;) I'd like to see it again anyway, just to figure out all the little stuff I missed the first time through.

2. Friday, I also landed myself a second job at Barnes & Noble. They're starting me out in the cafe, which I wasn't too thrilled about, but I met the girl who's going to be training me and she seems really cool, so I'm sure it'll work out. Plus, since I'm technically a rehire, I'm making a whoooole lot more than I was when I worked in the bookstore at school last year. So that's pretty awesome.

3. Saturday my mother cancelled on me again, and so was spent out with the girls and Mike, who I haven't seen in months and months. We went to (where else?) Griffin's and had dinner and drinks, then walked over to Ram's Head, and then headed home to watch the Great Mouse Detective and sleep. Because we are just that cool.

4. Yesterday after Mike and Christina went home, Aster hung out and watched Veronica Mars while I went in for training at B&N (she's up to Drinking the Kool-Aid. Oh Casey, I love you.) and then when I got back we did the sitting around and talking until we realize we're starving thing. It was wonderful, and much needed.

5. We also watched The West Wing last night. I have just this to say: )

6. I have to work a bunch this week, training and stuff and B&N, but someone somewhere likes me very much, as I am definitely not scheduled for Wednesday night. ;)

Sooo, all in all, a fabulous weekend, which is just what I was looking for. I miss my friends, so this was just what I wanted. Especially since I have to work both Saturday and Sunday next weekend. :p
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People who are seeing Serenity with me this weekend:

Showtimes and a question. )

In other news, only twelve hours until Ashley and I will desperately be hitting rewind on the tape of the VM premiere. ;) Giddy with dorky anticipation? Me? HAH!


Oct. 30th, 2004 01:28 am
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Just so you guys know, Saw is an absolutely awful movie. Just really. Don't bother seeing it. You might think it looks cool and psychologically frightening, and it is, for about 30 minutes. And then there's the rest of the movie. And it's just bad. Just please, do yourselves a favor. Don't bother.

Unless of course you're looking to laugh out loud at unnecessary gore for about an hour and a half. Cause there's plenty of that.

And Cary Elwes, honey? You were fabulous as Westley. You just really should have stopped there. You are a terrible actor. Do us a favor? Don't try to star in another movie, k?

And ummmm. I don't know why I'm suddenly in a crappy mood. I should probably just go to sleep like I said I was going to. Grar.
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So my sister was here this weekend, and that was fun. I don't know, it's hard to tell with her, cause she's fifteen and miserable, but I think she had fun. It was good to get to hang out with her a bit anyway.

We went to see The Grudge last night, and it totally reinforced my whole dislike of "scary" movies. Not REALLY spoilery, but cut for those who haven't seen it or don't care. ) You know what movie I've always found to be truly terrifying? The Shining. Know why? Cause it's scary without being completely in your face about it. It's the creepy images, the slow descent into madness, the complete isolation, the lack of background music--the silence. It's a freaky movie. I rarely make it to the end anymore, cause the end isn't the part that creeps me out (usually, I'm rooting for Jack to kill that obnoxious woman cause I HATE HER SO MUCH!!!!). So yeah. The moral is, today's horror movies=bad.

Anyway, Christina posted pictures from us at the RennFest that are actually cute! Cause we are cute people. So go! Look! Marvel at Teh Cuteness! I'm just happy that you can't see the ginormous hole in my chucks in either of the pictures of me stradling a giant snake. Yes.

Speaking of, I need to buy some new shoes. I'm broke, though. I should start a "Buy Heather New Shoes" fund. I bet I could make lots of money. There could be a telethon and everything. I could get some people down in the TV station to be the hosts, and I could have people call in and donate, since it's for such a good cause. I would need some acts, though, so people wouldn't get bored and change the channel. Anyone want to be on my telethon? You could sing, or dance, or stare at the camera. I don't care!

Actually, I think I may have guilted my parents into sending me some money, since I spent so much on my sister this weekend, and spent almost my entire paycheck last week on my car. So maybe we'll hold off on the telethon.
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So today got better. I drove down to College Park and spent the evening with my Stewbert. We went to Noodles (of course) and then rented a movie.

So, I need someone to tell me why exactly Lost in Translation is a good movie. Cause I really didn't like it, at all. I kept feeling like I was supposed to like it, but it was so boring. There was no real plot or any on-going thread to make me like the characters, and way too many pointless scenes of someone eating cereal or walking down the street. I get that it was supposed to be about this relationship between two misfits in a strange land, but it just didn't work for me. So if you liked it, please tell me why. Also, let me know how exactly it managed to keep your attention for the full two hours. :P

Since I didn't like that movie much, and neither did Stew, we saw fit to watch the South Park movie after it. Much much better. :P

I should go to bed. I have to give a tour at 1030 tomorrow. But before I do, here are my favorite lyrics of the day:

The Push Stars - Wild Irish Rose )
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To do list for the next two days:

1. Tourguide stuff until 4:30.
2. Write at least 5 pages for CW.
3. Read as close to the end of Mrs. Dalloway as humanly possible.
4. Clean my room!
5. Critique fiction papers.
6. Study for my badminton test--because yes, I have a test in badminton.
7. Register at 9:20 tomorrow for next semester.
8. Call and RSVP for President's dinner.
9. Call grandparents.
10. Lunch with prospectives tomorrow.

Yes. Feasible. Updates on how much I actually get done to come in the near future.

I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again last night with Rac and Chris and my Stewbert. I loved it just as much or more. I want to see it again! And again! It's such a pretty movie.

Okay, gotta grab something to eat right quickly before I have to go be charming and convince people to come to my school. :P
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I saw the Matrix Revolutions tonight.

Brief thoughts. )

I'm really exhausted right now for some reason, so I think I might actually go to bed early. (Because for me, 1:30 in the morning is early.) I figured out my schedule for next semester today, and it looks like I won't have class before 1pm all week. This is of the good. I will, however, have four hours of class in a row on Mondays and Wednesdays. This is of the bad. But! I will only have one class on Fridays. This is of the good. :)

I also spoke with my Advanced Comp. professor about the last two pieces I got back, and I'm really excited about revising them. We talked for awhile about what I can do to make them better, and why I've been stuck in this writer's block rut for so long. I haven't been this excited about writing in ages.

Other than that, work, TV meeting, lots of class today. And Angel. I watched most of that. We won't get into how I felt about that. :P

Sleep now.
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I finally saw Bowling for Columbine tonight. I'm not sure entirely how I feel about it. I liked a lot of it, but towards the end I just wanted to smack Michael Moore. I think objectivity is key in a documentary, and he threw it all out the window there for awhile. He also was doing a lot of the very things that the media he was complaining about does in an effort to win his audience over.

I'll have to think about it a bit more.

After that, Rac and Noble and Mark and Aster and I went to the RA office to keep Chris company while she was on duty for a bit. It ended with a all of us tackling Christina...and a broken paddle. Good times.

I am currently skipping out on helping Dan. I'm so tired of doing it, but I keep telling him I will. Because obviously Dan's senior seminar is more important than anything I have to do. I need to work on that whole pleasing others thing...and then feeling guilty about it cause I don't please others.

Gah, that sentence didn't make any sense at all.

I'm just rambling right now, I don't have anything to say. I'm going to go read for a bit.


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