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I am tired and stressed and headache-y like WOAH. There is a growing pile of things to do on my desk--I swear it just grows on its own, like a fungus-y work fungus thing. Everyone in my office left for lunch, so I'm giving myself some lunch time to not do anything. So there.

Sometimes, when I feel crappy, I like to make random lists. I do! Don't look at me like that. Today's random list is all about Logan Echolls.

CUT! )

Um? Entertain me? Give me home remedies for awful headaches that won't go away because you haven't had a decent healthy meal or a full night's sleep in weeks? Call out sick for me tonight? Make your own random lists?

Or, you know, you guys could all go off and do your Friday-not-posting thing and not even give me anything to read. That'd work, too. :p
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1. [ profile] sihaya09!! I got my Christmas present in the mail today! Yay Serenity!! Thanks, darlin. *smooches*

2. I sent out half of my Christmas cards yesterday. Hopefully the other half will go out tomorrow, if I finish them tonight. If not, well, everyone who'll be getting them late will just have to consider them Hannukah cards. ;)

3. Fandom meme where I post fandoms and you guess my favorite characters. I'm an open book. This should be easy. :p )

4. I am thisclose to finishing my shopping and putting this stupid holiday behind me. 2006 cannot come fast enough. But, I have only one person left to buy for, and I already know what he's getting. And then all I have to do is wrap everything. :p But yay! No more stupid holiday shopping!

5. My sister is ashamed of me because I know the words to more than one Kelly Clarkson song. I say, SUCK IT TREBECK.

6. In four days, I get my first day off of work in three and a half weeks! Although, it's Christmas Eve, so I don't think it counts. But still! A whole day with no going anywhere and getting paid for it! Yay!


ETA2: Something I've been thinking about recently: Why is it that all the cute boys are massive tools and all the nice boys are utterly, hopelessly, going-on-a-three-month-mission-trip-to-north-Africa religious? Can anyone explain this to me?
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Hi. I'm alive.

Went to the Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright concert last night, and it was so so much fun, complete with my favorite Ben song (My Philosophy) and audience participation on Not the Same. Also, Rufus is awesome. He brought out one of his sisters to sing harmony on Hallelujah and it was so freaking gorgeous. I still can't get over how different his singing voice is from his talking voice, though. It's like two different people. Also, Ben Lee opened, and it was fun and Australian. We were a little disappointed that Ben went before Rufus instead of the other way around, and that they didn't sing anything together (I was so hoping for a little Careless Whispers *g*), but all in all it was lots of fun. And we met up with James and Laura after the show, so yay! Good times.

Today I spent a few hours in DC with Aster and Garrett. It was really far too hot for doing touristy things, but we did spend some time at the Botanical Gardens, so that was good. I really don't go into the city nearly enough any more. I really want to go over to Dupont sometime soon for some gay bar-hopping. Maybe when Megan comes home. :)

Random list for no good reason other than I want to:
Top 10 favorite West Wing episodes )

Ummm, don't mind me if I start spamming with stupid pointless memes tonight. Cause, I still have some sitting around waiting to be posted.


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